THINK Links!

We have all received emails with links to webpages

with stories that truly lift our spirits.

And, there are links that just lead us to THINK.

Click on any of the links below and

laugh - cry - enjoy - think!

Special thanks to those

who have submitted links to their favorites!



Take a few minutes to view the following clips
to learn more about the important work of
Wanjiko Kironyo and Maji Mazuri

Be sure to visit the Maji Mazuri website
to learn more about Wanjiku Kironyo,
a most amazing woman!


Enjoy the Spirit of Christmas anytime!
Watch as this flash mob entertains the crowd with
the “Hallelujah Chorus


Little Girl
Rocks the Guitar

Young Artist
Divinely Inspired

Talk about uplifting!

This young man’s faith is truly amazing!

“My name is Nick Vujicic ... "

Meet Logan, The Sky Angel Cowboy

 Randy Pausch and the Last Lecture

Wow! This Rocks!

Stand by Me


Positive Youth!

This dance team is comprised of 4th thru 8th graders from
a school in Ohio and they are amazing to watch! Grace,
coordination, dedication, power, energy ...